Wednesday, June 11, 2014


What a wonderful experience for me!  I learned so much, and I grew both personally and professionally.  There are so many devices and apps out there - I had no idea. It was most interesting for me to compare notes with co-workers on which devices and apps they were using.

My favorite Things were 12 - Books, Books & More Books,  13 - Presentations, and. 16 - Audio.  My favorite app was "Haiku Deck."  By far, I did my best work with this app.  But, I was most surprised by my reading on "Audioboo."  I discovered I have a really nice reading voice.  I also loved "Instgram."  It was such fun to play with my pictures.

When I started with 23Things,  I needed a lot of help, but I kept going, and with each new challenge, I gained new skills and got better and better.  I learned so much by sharing my experiences, and maybe they learned a thing or two from me.

I would suggest a Thing devoted to Safety & Security.  This seems to be a topic becoming  more important as devices are becoming more widely used.  A Thing about apps devoted to this subject is something to consider.

Finally:  With each Thing, I learned something new.
               With each new Thing, I gained experience.
               With experience, I gained confidence.
               With confidence, I became better at accomplishing my goals.

Thank you, thank you.

Sarah R

Monday, June 9, 2014


For this "thing," I used "Quixey."  I thought it was just wonderful!  I searched numerous apps.  Very easy to use.  Thank you for the recommdation.  I will indeed share this web site with patrons.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I found a wonderful app that I would highly recommend - "WebMD ."  The mobile app is easily downloaded directly from the Homepage of their web site.  When you sign-in, you are asked for a PIN, which I thought was a good idea for security and privacy.  It is an easy site to navigate, with both a search window and alphabetical listings in a variety of categories.  It also offers a map to local health facilities.  You can also post questions and comments.  I will use this app personally and recommend it to patrons.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


For this "thing," I found a game called "What's The Saying" in the Apple App Store.  It is a game based on rebus puzzles.  I'm not much of a gamer, but  I found this absolutely addicting!  Even though there were pop-up adds every few puzzles, I just had to keep going.  I made it to level 8 before I just had to quit.  I now have a better appreciation for the value of computer games.


My hobby is my Fairy garden.  "" was a perfect fit for me.  I posted a comment, and received an answer shortly - that was a first for me!  I will continue to visit this site.  I will recommend this app to patrons who want an interactive site to share their enthusiasm for gardening.

Monday, June 2, 2014


For this "thing," I looked at "Duolingo,"  "Quizlet," and "Today's Document."  I decided to install "Today's Document National Archives."  I would highly recommend this site to anyone interested in history or genealogy.  It is very user-friendly, with so many links.  I especially liked the calendar where I could choose a date, and see what happened on that day with articles on that event.  I also liked the link to archives in cities across the country - perfect for a mobile app!

Friday, May 30, 2014


This "thing" I found a bit tedious.  After three tries, I found one that I really liked - ""  This site is just full of information; very well organized and easy to navigate.  The calendar of events is up to date, and each event has its own link with information on where to go, how to get there, and contact info.  You can also search by keyword and alphabetically.  I'm sure this will be a useful tool for patrons who are planning a vacation in that part of the state.

I also added "" to my apps.  This is my  neck of the woods.  I especially liked the calendar on this site.  One could tap on a particular date to see events for that day.  This is a site I have used and will recommend to patrons.